Summer sale #1

Rushes and Boundary, my two albums with Gren Bartley. 2007, 2009. Last few CD copies ever. £18 for the pair.


Summer sale #2

All three Pilgrims' Way albums on CD for £25.


Summer sale #3

Both Red Diesel and Stand and Deliver by Pilgrims' Way on vinyl for £24 the pair. You will never get these cheaper.


Summer sale #4

Both albums by my ceilidh band, Albireo. Binary is a double CD so this is three CDs for £18.


Summer sale #5

Both my books for £22.


Summer sale #6

Both my solo CDs, Interloper, and Seasons of Change for £18.


Summer sale #7

Both my solo CDs and both my books for £38.


B-Sides, EPs, and Rarities

My new travel book, a lifetime of visiting the unfashionable corners of the world! £12 + £3 p&p.


Jalai Nur Print (A3)

My most requested photograph from 'B-Sides, EPs, and Rarities'. These are individually produced Fine Art Giclee prints, on heavy museum grade 100% cotton rag A3 paper. This series is limited to a run of 20 signed and dated prints.


Seasons of Change; Book and CD bundle

It's slightly cheaper to buy them both together. £24 + £3.00 p&p


Seasons of Change (book)

My first book. An account of 18 months busking around England. Getting to know my own country better. Published by Scratching Shed. £14.00 + £3.00 p&p

Seasons of Change (CD album)

The album for the Busk England project. The soundtrack to a year and a half of busking around England. £12 + £2 p&p. Digital download via Bandcamp


Interloper (CD album)

Tom's 2015 solo album exploring the English instrumental tradition. Awarded five stars in the Sunday Express, and named in their top ten albums of the year (any genre). £10.00 + £2.00 p&p Digital version via Bandcamp


Albireo albums

My dance band, 'Albireo' have made two albums, 'Northern Cross' and 'Binary'. You can get them by clicking here.

Pilgrims' Way albums

The Pilgrims' Way online shop is here


My first professional album, with my good friend, the guitarist, songwriter, and singer, Gren Bartley. Recorded at Fellside records in 2006. Last 30 copies.



My second album, recorded with Fellside records in 2008 and released 2009. The second of my collaborations with Gren Bartley.