Stand and Deliver by Pilgrims' Way (2017)

Pilgrims' Way present a themed album packed full of highwaymen, robbers, and brigands, their stories told through traditional English folk song and 1980s disco.

1. Caveat For Cutpurses

2. Ibson, Gibson, Johnson

3. Shoot Them All! (Box On Her Head)

4. Cadgwith Anthem

5. Saucy Bold Robber

6. Robin Hood & The Bishop

7. Gaol Song 8. Turpin Hero

9. Adieu, Adieu

10. The Elms of Tyburn

11. Stand & Deliver

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Binary by Albireo (2017)

My dance band's new double album, with CDs for listening and for dancing, although there's plenty of overlap.


Nearly two hours of English dance music.


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Small Brown Birds by Zoe Mulford (2017)

I play on most of this, transatlantic singer-songwriter Zoe's fifth studio album. One of the tracks has since been covered by Joan Baez.

1. Answer the Knock at the Door

2. Back Door Key

3. February Thunder

4. One Damn Thing

5. The Queen of Skye

6. Snow on the Junkyard

7. Speak True

8. The President Sang Amazing Grace

9. Blackbird

10. Small Brown Birds

11. Zillionaire

12. Won't You Come On In?

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Diffractions by Ollie King (2017)

I play on four tracks of this lovely, intelligent record.

1. Austria / Thaxted

2. Sweet Lemeney

3. Linden Lea

4. Hornpipes

5. First of March

6. Roses

7. White Joak / Adson’s Sarabande

8. Ruins By The Shore

9. Winifer Odd

10. The Long Day Closes

Elfin Bow by Elfin Bow (2017)

I play on most of this, the debut album from Elfin Bow.


1 - The First Red Leaf of Autumn

2 - Sweet Jonathan

3 - Daffodilly Down

4 - Bull of the Freeway

5 - The Sleep of Reason

6 - Grimshaw and the Fingerclaw

7 - Edith's Song

8 - The Wisdom

9 - Hey Auld Friend

10 - Holler in the Hollows

11 - City Beach

12 - Prairie Madness

More about her here

Red Diesel by Pilgrims' Way (2016)

'With 5 stars in the Telegraph, this is our acclaimed second studio album'.

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1. Rout of the Blues

2. Howden Town

3. Maybe Then I'll Be A Rose

4. Magic Christmas Tree

5. Mount Hills/Ride In The Creel

6. The Light Dragoon

7. True Lover John

8. Six Dukes

9. The Boy In The Bubble

10. Boston City

Poor Strange Girl by Alice Jones (2016)

I play on about half of Alice's lovely debut album. Buy it Here.

1. Poor Strange Girl

2. Woody Knows Nothing

3. The Larkman/the Heron Tree

4. The Cruel Mother

5. Green Bushes

6. Wedding Mazurkas

7. Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still

8. When I Am Far Away

9. Digerrpolskan/The Duhk Strut Reel

10. Adieu To Old England

11. The Castle By The Sea

12. Long Long Trail A-Winding

Interloper by Tom Kitching (2015)

1. Rufty Tufty

2. La Rotta

2. Slow Jigs

4. Buffoon 

5. Cobbler's

6. Elvin

7. Fair Play

8. Gall Bladder

9. Cheshire

10. Fast Dance

An outward facing, forward looking English music album.

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Looking For The Girl by Lesley Curtis (2015)

1. Broken Promises

2. Sally Didn't Mind

3. Looking For the Girl

4. Extraordinary

5. I Don't Want Your Money

6. One Tear

7. This Love of Mine

8. Leave You Behind

9. I'm Not the One

10. The Fourth of July

11. A Woman Like Me

12. Two and Two Make Five

Country Album by singer-songwriter, Lesley Curtis. I play on about half this album.

See Lesley's website here.

Red House by Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer (2013)

  1. The Rambling Shuiler
  2. The Shoemaker Set
  3. Benjamin Bowmaneer
  4. Stumpie
  5. The Sheffield Apprentice
  6. The Red House Set
  7. The Proposal
  8. Trad II
  9. The Private Still
  10.  The Old Bark Hut
  11. The Bolinder Set

I guest on tracks 1 and 11. My boat's engine can be heard as the basis for the last track. More information here.

The Bone Orchard by Gavin Davenport (2013)

  1. Whitby Lad
  2. Castle By The Sea
  3. Farewell To Yorkshire
  4. Fair Rosamund
  5. Long Legged Lurcher Dog
  6. From the Bone Orchard
  7. Creeping Jane
  8. Jim Jones In Botany Bay
  9. Wooden Swords And May Queens
  10. Bold Dragoon
  11. Banks Of Yarrow
  12. Hymn For The New Year

I play on the majority of this record. You can buy it here.

Shining Gently All Around by Pilgrims' Way (2011)

  1. Shining Gently All Around (Chinese White)
  2. The Light Dragoon
  3. Howden Town

A Christmas Single! Who'd have thought it? Download only.

Buy from Itunes! If we sell enough of these, maybe then I can afford to stop stealing carrots and turnips from my farmer friends.

Wayside Courtesies by Pilgrims' Way (2011)

  1. Only a Soldier
  2. The Handweaver And The Factory Maid
  3. Martinmas Time
  4. Adieu Lovely Nancy
  5. Young Men Are False
  6. Tarry Trousers
  7. Alfaz del Pi
  8. Dark eyed Molly / Snowy Monday
  9. My Generous Lover / Det Tømte Mjødkruset
  10. A Pilgrim's Way
  11. Framus / Jig Iolo

Orders through Fellside Records

Northern Cross by Albireo (2010)

  1. The Brazilian (Roseira do Norte)
  2. Kempshott Hunt
  3. The Railway / Rogues March
  4. Gathering Peascods
  5. Morning Star / Three Jolly Sheepskins
  6. Hudscales / Cat's Cradle / Treacle Town
  7. The Hole in the Wall
  8. Arkansas Traveller / Bill Cheatham's Reel / The Kitchen Girl
  9. Gyspy's Hornpipe / Gloucester Hornpipe
  10. The Gallery / The Venus of Levenshulme
  11. Alfaz del Pi
  12. Graemsay Jig / The Star Above the Garter
  13. Elzic's Farewell
  14. Weaver's March

New record of mostly English dance music! Get it here, digital or physical.

EP Demo by Pilgrims' Way (2010)

  1. Tarry Trousers
  2. The Handweaver and the Factory Maid
  3. Adieu Lovely Nancy
  4. Andro
  5. Maybe Then I'll be a Rose
  6. A Pilgrim's Way

Discontinued! I think I have 3 left but you'd have to make a really good offer.

Boundary by Gren Bartley & Tom Kitching (2009)

  1. Dressed To Roll
  2. Green Beds
  3. Malcolm's / Lass from Barrow
  4. Grateful For A Home
  5. Cow Cow Yicky Yicky Yea
  6. Old Sir Simon the King
  7. Norman's Christmas
  8. Russian Song
  9. Raspberry Bourree
  10. Into Night
  11. Parson's Farewell
  12. Different Rooms
  13. No More Auction Block
  14. Autumn Wasp / Boris in the Bathroom
  15. Dreams Lay Heavy / Jess's Waltz

Through Fellside records. Samples and ordering available here.

Samples on our myspace

Rushes by Gren Bartley & Tom Kitching (2007)

  1. Clyde Street
  2. Davy Lowston
  3. City of Sleep
  4. Young Love
  5. An t'Athair Jack Walsh / The Howlett and the Weazle
  6. Window
  7. Standing at the Judgement
  8. Record Lovelies
  9. Long John
  10. Low
  11. Old Molly Oxford
  12. Somebody On Your Bond
  13. Peg 'n' Awl
  14. Rainy Morning

Through Fellside records. Samples and ordering available here.

Faster, Faster... by Love Ends Disaster (2006)

I play on track 2 of this E.P. This session saw me make a trip to High Wycombe where I was ejected from a pub for drunkenly playing my fiddle too loud, following which I attempted to buy a baseball cap with the logo 'Mr Cod' from a chip shop employee. £40 was my final offer, and sadly, he refused to part with it. I have pretty much no other memories of this. The online information says the fiddle was played by  'Matt Kitching'. Probably just as well.

1. Cut your hair

2. Fort Washington

3. The Russian Greats

4. An Equation

e°g° by Gren Bartley & Tom Kitching (2006)

  1. Autumn / Boris
  2. Davy Lowston (click to hear)
  3. Standing at the Judgement
  4. Long John
  5. Peg and Awl
  6. Old Molly Oxford
  7. Barrack Street

Discontinued! We still like the eggs though.

Another Door Closes by Paul Sullivan & Tom Kitching (2005)

  1. 6 Dukes
  2. O Good Ale (click to hear)
  3. Dorset
  4. Fighting
  5. Lowlands Away
  6. The Fast Dance
  7. Grave News
  8. Mayday Song
  9. Lord Rendal
  10. Knit the Pocky
  11. Sailor's Life
  12. Cruel Mother

Discontinued! Is this the worst record cover ever? I can probably do you a CDR of this if you ask really nicely.