Rabbit Hutches

The uniquely brilliant Vivian Stanshall was once sent ahead of the Bonzo Dog Band to the studio to write material and prepare the equipment for a forthcoming album recording session. When the rest of the band arrived a few days later they found he had not done these things but had instead constructed a series of novelty rabbit hutches.

Rabbit hutches - those compulsive creative urges one is forced by one's brain to pursue, even if they serve no useful purpose, take the place of more important and urgent work, are unrelated to any project you really should be undertaking, and even actively undermine your career.

I shall put them all here and hope they provide some interest or amuseument to anyone venturing this deeply into the mysterious deeper dungeons of my website.


Oil Paintings. I just make these for my own amusement.

Coal washery at Jalai Nur, Inner Mongolia.



The graffiti wall at Haggerston.



Mushroom and duck.