Tom Kitching is one of the busiest musicians on the English folk scene today. Playing a huge variety of music in almost every imaginable location, Tom has racked up over 1000 live performances in 8 years since turning professional.

You'll find Tom thumping out fiddle lines with folk award nominated band 'Pilgrims' Way', behaving himself with the Gav Davenport band, being silly in folk clubs with Jon Loomes, pretending he doesn't know Gren Bartley, wearing bad shirts with ceilidh band 'Albireo' and occasionally even performing solo.

Tom also works as a violin teacher, based in East Cheshire / South of Manchester.

He's played for weddings, funerals, parties and corporate functions, and reckons that if you need a fiddler, he'll be able to play for just about any event.

This website contains a full gig list, details of recordings, links to other bands, and contact information. Please feel free to drop a line!

What they've been saying...

'Tom must be one of the best young fiddlers in England, with a fluid style equally at ease with the English, American and Irish traditions' - Living Tradition

'You've developed your own completely unique fiddling style' - Emma Reid

'If you carry on playing like that, you'll be dead by the time you're 40' - Patron of the Bridge Inn, Ripponden.

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