About Me

New *September 2021* 'B-Sides, EPs, and Rarities', a travel book documenting the last 18 years.

Fiddle player and author of the book 'Seasons of Change', Tom has worked with numerous singers and bands, including Pilgrims' Way, Gavin Davenport, Jon Loomes, Gren Bartley, Zoe Mulford, and Albireo. He has tutored at several Summer Schools, and has lead numerous workshops around the country. Heavily involved in the dance scene, and veteran of over 2000 gigs, he stands at the leading edge of the English folk scene. His style is English at heart, whilst encompassing elements of many other traditions. It is a unique, vibrant style full of exuberance, energy and wit, yet capable of expressing extraordinary emotional depth.

In March 2015, he released his first solo album, 'Interloper', a deeply personal project to capture the state of the English instrumental tradition and define the role of the fiddle within it.

In March 2020, he released 'Seasons of Change' a book and an album capturing a moment in time in the streets of England.

Tom is also a much in demand fiddle teacher in the North West of England.

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What They've Been Saying

  "There are dozens of folk violinists, but few with the attack, passion, and ingenuity of Tom Kitching. The most beautiful instrumental playing of the year." - Sunday Express  

  “Tom Kitching is one of the best English fiddlers ever – he plays with fire and gusto, energy, intelligence and feel – takes English folk music by the scruff of the neck and sends it off laughing and dancing and having a good time." - Mike Harding  

  "You've developed your own completely unique fiddling style." - Emma Reid  

  "If you carry on playing like that, you'll be dead by the time you're 40." - Patron of the Bridge Inn, Ripponden