Busk England

I'm currently busking my way round England. The idea is to get to know my own country better! I'm going to write a book and an album when I finish, but for now, I'll be putting my travel blogs up here as I go. If you are enjoying the writing, and would like to support me, please click on the paypal button and throw a few virtual coins in the hat. I'm being sustained entirely by contributions to the busking hat and through paypal as I do this

Blog 27. Loughborough

Blog 26. London Part 2

Blog 25. London Part 1

Blog 24. Carlisle

Blog 23. Worksop

Blog 22. Retford and the poppy

Blog 21. Penzance and Geevor

Blog 20. Truro and St Ives

Blog 19. Deal

Blog 18. Hastings

Blog 17. Leek

Blog 16. The Busking Pitch

Blog 15. Stourbridge

Blog 14. Dudley

Blog 13. West Bromwich and Smethwick

Blog 12. Braintree

Blog 11. Harwich and Dovercourt

Blog 10. Norwich

Blog 9. Fakenham, Wells-Next-The-Sea, Kings Lynn

Blog 8. Erpingham

Blog 7. Cromer

Blog 6. Redcar

Blog 5. Ashington

Blog 4. Kielder and the North Tyne Valley

Blog 3. Darlington

Blog 2. Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Blog 1. England from the busking pitch